The 10 Best Movies Added To Netflix In September 2022

                 1. Collateral

Taxi driver Max from Los Angeles is about to leave after a difficult day when sharp-suited Vincent offers him $600 to make five stops.

                   2. End of the Road

Brenda, who recently lost her husband, moves her family across the nation to begin a new life.

                      3. This is 40

Pete and Debbie are both approaching middle age, their children are feuding, and their businesses are in trouble.

                   4. Love in the Villa

After a breakup, a young woman travels to romantic Verona, Italy.

                       5. Resident Evil

A powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have transformed into flesh-eating beasts are being fought by a specialised military squad.

              6. A Clockwork Orange

The conduct-aversion experiment that a sadistic gang leader participates in the future doesn't turn out as expected.

         7. If Beale Street Could Talk  

A young woman accepts her pregnancy while working to clear her childhood sweetheart of any wrongdoing with the help of her family.

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