Top 10 Indoor Plants For Dining Table

Dining table is a place where one relaxes and enjoys the meal , if plants are decorated in your dining table they will not only freshen you mentally but also will add charm . plants not only enhances the beauty of the home but also lower the anxiety, depression. Indoor plants in home dining  filter harmful toxins and pollutants  and keep the air fresh and clean .

In today’s stressful life  it’s definitely good to nurture plants in home for its benefits. To enjoy your meal in the presence of good natural air you need best indoor plants for dining table. Below we have listed 10 best options you can for your table .

Best Indoor Plants For Dining Table

1. Snake live plant

” Dracaena trifasciata ” is the botonical name of snake plant . It  is one of the most advantageous plant as it have many benefits . It is believed that the leaves of this plant pose threat to snakes as they find it threating . Other than that this plant also filter indoor air even at night and emit oxygen which ultimately helps to sleep you better and act as a mental health booster .

If you want a plant to decorate your dining table  this is one of the best . This plant should be only watered when it’s soil is nearly dry . The quickest way to kill this plant is to Fill it with high amount of water .

Pros -: 1. it gives attractive look to dining table.
2. it  is an air purifying plant

Cons -:  1. They encounter fungus attack very often

2. Synogium live plant

” syngonium podophyllum ” is the botonical name of synogium live plant .  It is a great plant for purifying the air in your home . It’s heart shaped silver white line that goes through the mid- rid, and dark green vevelty ornamental leaves make it perfect piece for home dicor .

The five lobed shaped of synogium leaves represent the five feng shui elements -: water , fire , earth , wood and metal . Thus this plant perfectly balance home temperature and perfect for dining decor . This plant needs moderate amount of water and light for its growth , watering it once per week will be enough .

Pros -: 1. it spreads positive energy
2. it boosts humidity and reduce dry air

Cons -: 1. All parts of plant contain calcium oxalate crystals , which is harmful .

3. Golden pothos (money plant).

” epipremnum aureum ” is the botonical name of Golden pothos . Golden pothos or money plant is an Excellent indoor plant due to its ability to survive in low light. It acts as air purifier as it removes all the toxic pollutants from the air. This plant doesn’t require heavy care , it can be easily used anywhere in dining table , balcony etc .

It is believed that this plant bring money , prosperity , positivity and good luck in the house . Golden pothos should be watered once in a week in summers , while I winters twice a week will be more than enough . This flower is considered as one of the best to be used  in dining table.

Pros -: 1. Good Air purifier
  2. very easy to take care

Cons -: 1. Toxic to cat and dogs

4. Haworthia faciata succulant plant .

“haworthia atinuata ” is the botonical name of Haworthia faciata . These  are great plant to grow and use in dining table or terrains . This plant is often uses by people’s as a spiritual remedy to ward off evil as well as treatment for blood purifier and as a cure against coughs , skin care etc.

hawaorthia’s are related family to aloevera and it also have many medicinal uses . This plant is one of most suitable in decorating your dining . Haworthia needs to be watered when their leaves are completely dried i.e about once in every week will be enough .

Pros -: 1. improve humidity in air
             2. Add fresh oxygen in air .
Cons -: none

5. Pilea peperomeodis indoor plants.

” chinese money plant ” is the another  name of pilea peperomeodis.This plant is one of rarest and and most popular in terms of indoor and dining decor . This plant is seen as symbol of peace ,money and love . It have great purifying property and removes harmful chemical like formaldehyde from the air .

This plant is also non toxic to cat and dogs so you can use it without any problem as it doesn’t even need high care for its growth . They require  good amount of watering once per week . They need good amount of light for their good growth .

Pros -: 1. They are good aur purifiers

Cons -: 1. They are not edible

6. Aglanema red natural plant.

” Chinese evergreen ” is another name for Aglanema plant . Thi is one of the most stylish plant with very low requirements and can grow extremely well in low lights . This plant is also a great air purifier it removes harmful Voc from aur .

If you live in cold areas this plant can even help with dry skin problems . They require water once in two weeks i.e they are moderated water users but once you pour water in them they need it in large amount.

Pros -: 1. They increases humidity
            2. Best air purifier Pros

Cons -: 1. poisonous if ingested in body .

7. Crassula plant .

“pigmy weeds ” is the scientific name of Crassula plant .This plant with its thick and long branches and  flesh oval flashes leaves brings luck and prosperity to your home according to feng shui. The Crassula plant has anti- bacterial , anti-fungal and anti -inflamatory  constituent property .

This plant is also used in in skin , treatment of nose and certai other diseases . They require watering once in two weeks in summers while in winter once time watering in a month is more than enough.

Pros -: 1. Treating illments
2. it is believed to be good luck symbol

Cons -: none

8. Sensivieria green plant

“dracaena trifesciata ” is the scientific name of sensivieria green plant . This plant is one of the best air purifier and it is also the most popular indoor plant . Sansevieria green plant filters the aur even at night and can be grown in low maintenance .

This plant also helps against allergy and other diseases related to the skin.It requires watering once in 10-12 days .They grow best in good and sufficient amount of bright light .

Pros -: 1. Removes toxic elements from air
             2. mental health booster .

Cons -: 1. They usually face fungus attack

9. Lucky bamboo plant

” dracaena sanderiana ” is the botonical name of lucky bamboo plant. This plant is considered as most luckiest one it is believed that every new growing leafs brings  fortune and prosperity to the owner.

When placed in right direction it brings immense positivity to office and home . For decorating dining this plant is best . They require watering once a week and moderate amount of light is required for their good growth.

Pros -: 1. Easy to maintain
2. they can be grown without soil

Cons -: 1. It can spread uncontrollably

10. Peace lily plant .

” spathiphy llum ” is the scientific name of peace lily plant .This plant is the most beautiful decorating plant , it has dark glossy leaves and large unusual looking flowers . This plant promotes clean air , it’s a low maintenance house plant , it’s absorbs harmful acetone vapours from home , prevents formation of mildew and removes  mold spores from the air .

With a ability to grow in low maintenance and in low light this flower is one of the easiest plants to decor your dining .They require watering two times a week .

Pros -: 1. Very low maintenance

Cons -: 1. Toxic to cat and dogs.

I hope you get idea about best indoor plants for dining table from the above options . Choose one today and bring positivity to your home.

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