10 Best Tall Indoor Plants For Low Light

10 Best tall indoor plants for low ligh
Best tall indoor plants for low light

When we talk about tall indoor plants, we expect them to look stunning and give a tropical feel to the eyes. But every indoor demands a different heightened plant as per the ambience and lighting conditions of that place. There are indoor plants ranging from 3 feet to 30 feet tall and I have covered all of them for you. Here, in this article, I have mentioned “10 Best Tall Indoor Plants For Low Light”.

1. Lady Palm

Botanically known as ‘Rhapis Excela’. It gives a tropical feel to your indoor because of its dense foliage. These look stunning as decorative plants indoors or pathways in your property. Because of their good height, it gives a tropical touch to the place. They can be adjusted outdoors and indoors. Regular watering is needed. There are varieties available to be kept as small tabletops to long fully grown trees.

Pros :-

  • It can attain a good height of 3 to 8 feet indoors.
  • If planted outdoors in-ground soil it can grow up to 20 feet.

Cons :-

  • It grows slowly and needs monthly fertilising.

2. Yucca Cane

‘Yucca Elephantipes’ is the biological name of this plant. It needs dry and hot climatic conditions as it originates from deserts. It looks good with the thick trunk and sword-shaped green leaves. Water it when the soil is dry. It is easy to maintain and needs no extra care. Idle for busy owners.

Pros :-

  • You can fertilise your plant twice a year.
  • It can grow up to 8 feet.

Cons :-

  • No cons as such

3. Corn Plant

The scientific name of it is Dracaena Fragrans ‘Massangeana’. Commonly known as False palm. It requires low to filtered light. Water when the topsoil dries and reduces the frequency in winters. It maintains the air quality of your indoors. It also keeps the humidity-controlled.

Pros :-

  • It purifies indoor air for better breathing
  • It grows up to 6 feet tall.

Cons :-

  • It requires balanced liquid fertiliser every month.

4. Cast Iron Plant

The scientific name for this is ‘Aspidistra elatior’. It can survive in all hard conditions. Less watering is required. It grows well in low or indirect light also. Cast Iron Plant is a beautiful ornamental plant with dark green wide waxy leaves. You can grow more plants easily by propagating through division.

Pros :-

  • It can grow in low light and less watering conditions.
  • It can grow indoors up to 3 feet tall.

Cons :-

  • Its leaves turn brown when over water or exposed to sunlight
  • Needs frequent fertilizing, but you can avoid fertilising them in winter.

5. Lotus Bamboo

‘Rose Bamboo and Flower Bamboo’ are the other names of this plant. This beautiful plant will enhance your indoors. It needs moderate indirect light conditions. Adequate watering is required as it needs to maintain moisture in roots. These are good options for gifting. They are beautiful plants that can be used for decoration or gifting to loved ones.

Pros :-

  • It can grow up to 10 feet tall if planted in the ground.
  • These induce your place with positive energy.

Cons :-

  • Timely trimming and pruning are required for yellow and brown leaves.

6. Ponytail Palm

The scientific name for it is ‘Beaucarnea Recurvata’. Also, commonly known as elephant’s foot. It is native to the states of Eastern Mexico. This plant needs very little care that is why it is best suited for busy people. Ponytail palms are drought tolerant. They will do if you water them in a couple of weeks. The shape of the plant is in the shape of a ponytail.

Pros :-

  • Easy to maintain.
  • It can grow indoors up to 4 feet tall.
  • It can grow outdoors up to 30 feet tall if planted on the ground.

Cons :-

  • Nothing as such.

7. Aralia Black

Also known as ‘Aralia Miniature Green, Polyscias, Geranium Aralia. It has originated from India. This plant adds a statement to your room because of its uniqueness. Regular trimming is required to promote further growth. Avoid changing its location. It is used as an ornamental plant for decoration. Water these thoroughly in summer and less in winter. They need medium bright indirect light. During its blooming season fertilise it once a month.

Pros :-

  • They are easy to maintain.
  • It can grow up to 7 to 12 feet tall

Cons :-

  • It is prone to infestation by various insects, so it is important to keep a regular check.

8. Ficus Lyrata

Commonly also known as ‘Banjo fig or Fiddle leaf fig.’ This plant looks very pretty indoors and provides you with a clean environment. It requires a change of location at times to get low to bright light. It needs enough water to maintain its moisture. If overwatered or less watered the leaves will get affected. There are three varieties available in this species –

  • ‘Ficus Lyrata Bambino’,
  • ‘Ficus Lyrata Compacta’, and
  • ‘Ficus Lyrata Variegata’.

Pros :-

  • It can grow up to 4 to 10 feet tall.

Cons :-

  • This plant is toxic to pets and babies.

9. Lucky Bamboo

Growing a lucky bamboo indoors contains numerous benefits. It brings positive energy and prosperity to your home or office. They are available in many shapes now, some braided and twisted are quite popular designs in the market. It looks stunning if potted well. It is easy to maintain as well. They can grow in bright to low light. If you are keeping it in water, it should be changed weekly.

Pros :-

  • It can grow up to 3 feet indoors.

Cons :-

  • No Cons.

10. Dragon Tree

The Lemon Lime Madagascar Dragon Tree is a hybrid plant of Dracaena Deremensis. This plant looks beautiful for its attractive leaves with white stripes and lemon yellow edges. You can maintain the height of this plant as per your choice by trimming the leaves. They are very good for low light conditions. They absorb harmful gases and toxic elements from the air.

Pros :-

  • They are very effective for purifying the air.
  • It can grow up to 10 feet tall.

Cons :- No cons.

I Hope, you find the right best tall indoor plants for low light from our top suggestions. Do comment and let us know which plant suits your need the most.

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