7 Best Longest Living Indoor Plants For Every House

7 Best Longest Living Indoor Plants
7 Best Longest Living Indoor Plants

As you love your pets and your plants the same way. You want your plants to stay with you for a longer time. Considering this need in mind, I am writing this blog for you after researching for the best longest living indoor plants that are easy to maintain as well.

You will be surprised to know that there are plants whose life span ranges from 10 to 200 years. You need to know which species you are opting to bring home. All the needs of a plant depend on its variant and species. From where it belongs, the climatic conditions decide what kind of care it needs from you. But the good news is you can have a plant friend for a lifetime. If you fulfil all its regular requirements it will stay with you forever.

Read the plant listed below with all their basic details with requirements and you can choose your companion for a lifetime. Here is my list of 7 Best longest living indoor plants.

1. Christmas Cactus

the scientific name for it is Schlumbergera bridgesi. It is also known as Zyyocactus Truncatus. It originated from tropical Brazil. This is a beautiful flowering plant. It can face direct or indirect lighting conditions. It needs good moisture but avoids overwatering. It should be kept in a good drainage pot.

Pros :-

1. It lives easily 2 to 3 decades if taken good care of.

2. It needs very little attention and is easy to maintain.

Cons :-

1. It requires acidic soil. So try to pot them with a cactus potting mix of peat moss and coarse builder’s sand.

2. Stromanthe Tricolor

‘Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar’ is the other name of this plant. It originated from the rainforest of Brazil. It is an attractive indoor plant with three colour shades of green, white and pink. It needs bright light indoors. It needs regular water and misting to maintain the moisture of the plant. Water the plant as the topsoil dries out.

Pros :-

1. The life span of this plant is said to be perennial, which means it is evergreen.

2. It looks attractive and adds an exotic look to your room.

Cons :-

1. It is a high maintenance plant. Thus it is not recommended for first-time plant owners.

3. Hoya Carnosa

It is commonly known as the Wax Plant. It is native to Eastern Asia and Australia. This plant looks stunning because of its wax-coated leaves. It has beautiful flowers of white and pink shades. It needs direct sunlight for a few hours.

Pros :-

1. This plant lives around 15 years if proper care is given to it.

Cons :-

1. This plant requires attention and care.

2. It has a strong smell.

4. Cacti or Cactus

Cacti are originated from America, South-Western Canada. Few varieties are also native to Africa and Sri Lanka. There are over 1500 different species of Cactus. The age of a particular plant varies as per its species. The need for lighting and watering conditions depend upon the variety you bring home. Generally, they all require a good drainage system to save the plant from rotting. It is sensitive to overwatering.

Pros :-

1. The life span of these plants ranges from 20 to 200 years.

Cons :-

1. You need to be well aware of all the care details of the particular species you opt to bring to your home.

5. Succulents

It originated from the desert of Africa. It grows at locations with dry climatic conditions. There are over 10,000 different varieties of succulents that exist. Due to crossbreeding done by nurseries all over the world, these numbers are increasing every month. Lighting and watering needs may vary according to the species you bring in. Generally, they require less watering because they store water in their leaves.

Pros :-

1. The life span of Succulents may vary from a few years to hundreds of years. 2. A wide variety is available.

Cons :-

1. You need to be aware of the variety you bring in to give proper care.

2. Due to the wide hybrid variety, it is difficult to identify the species.

6. Sago Palm

Scientifically known as Cycas Revoluta. It is native to Southern China and Japan. This is a slow grower.

These plants need adequate water but they are highly sensitive to overwatering. Always use a good drainage pot for them. It needs bright indirect light to flourish.

Pros :-

1. It has the longest life span of up to 200 years.

2. It will last as long as you maintain them with proper care and attention.

Cons :-

1. It needs adequate care otherwise it shows the symptoms immediately like yellowing of leaves and leaves drop.

7. Dieffenbachia

It is a fast-growing plant. It originated from Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. They can live a long life but need a timely rejuvenation. It needs direct sunlight and is better to be kept near the North-East Window. It needs good humidity. If the soil is too moist the lower leaves start to turn yellow You need to mist it at least twice a week. It needs comparatively less water in winter than in summer.

Pros :-

1. It has a long life span. This plant can thrive for years if timely repotting is done.

Cons :-

1. Being a fast grower the plant needs to rejuvenate by changing its pot.

Apart from the above mentioned plants, there are a few more options I would like to add for you. Other famous longest living indoor plants are the Snake plant, Spider plant, Peace lily, ZZ plant, Jade plant and Pothos. I have already mentioned these plants in my other blogs of the “BEST INDOOR PLANTS FOR CLEAN AIR” and BEST INDOOR PLANTS FOR STUDY TABLE“. Do check them out.

Hope you got the information to help you choose the right plant for you. Bring one as per your choice from green lush which gives you a tropical feel or a colourful flowering plant that enlightens your mood. Order today from the best longest-living indoor plant.

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