7 Best Indoor Plants For Study Table

7 Best Indoor Plants For Study Table
7 Best indoor plants for study table

Studying is a constant process to understand and learn something. Although it is a crucial yet necessary part of our everyday life. At every stage and age, we keep on learning for the next level. We keep on enhancing our knowledge to level up. The learning process that starts as a child keeps evolving its stages through school, college, profession. We need to learn and update ourselves on a day to day basis.

Since childhood, we were told by our elders to study hard and effectively. We often try to figure out good tips on how to study. Some tips may or may not work out for each one of us. When we want to read, understand or learn something new to our insight. It takes time and proper attention to be absorbed by the mind.

While studying you need a positive, calm and energetic environment to understand and learn with full concentration. We all face one or the other hindrance or discomfort while trying to study.

Here, I am going to mention a simple and effective natural solution that one can use to enhance their learning skill, boost their confidence, attract good fortune with prosperity and gain good health. All benefits altogether.

Best Indoor Plants For Study Table Lists

“I am going to tell you about the
7 best indoor plants for the study table.” –


According to Vastu and Feng Shui, it brings good fortune, health and prosperity to the house. It empowers your hard work to turn out in great success. That’s why it is called good luck jade. The other name for the Jade plant is ‘Crassula Green Mini’. It is easy to maintain and gives you a fresh breath also at night because it absorbs CO 2 at night.

It is best to be kept in your room on the study table as most of us are night owls. It will give you fresh clean air to breathe in when you study even at night and boost up your confidence. It increases humidity in the air that also protects you from viruses and bacteria that are more active in relatively dry air.


You must have heard about it as it is very famous among all gifting options worldwide. This plant has many valuable properties in it that you must know. The most important property which it possesses is to remove negative energy from the place where it is positioned.

So, to place it in your study table where you are going to prepare yourself for exams becomes powerful. It also brings good luck, happiness and favourable health to your home. It is easy to maintain.


The other names of the plant are golden pothos, devil’s ivy or Epipremnum aureum.
As the name implies ‘money’, intensifies your finances by empowering you with good fate and good wealth. According to feng shui and Vastu, it has many health benefits too. This one also works as an air purifier for your room.

It not only gives you fresh air to breathe but also reduces stress and anxiety issues. It is easy to maintain as it needs less watering. It is a must-have to be kept on your study table as it gives you positivity, brings in good luck, enables you to breathe healthy and clean air, it is soothing to the eyes.


Each bonsai is a piece of art. It looks elegant and also retains health and cognitive benefits. It removes the harmful chemical pollutants from the air and makes it breathable for you. If you are a plant person and find yourself connected to these little beauties they will be your best friends to talk your heart out.

It reduces your stress level and anxiety but makes you more productive. It maintains the humidity in the air which protects you from a dry cough or dry skin issues and ultimately improves your health. It grows slowly and needs vital care. Relatable to its nature you learn to be patient to make and commit to long term goals.


The scientific name of this plant is Chamaedorea seifrizii. Its size can vary from 4 inches to 7 ft. Due to the wide variety of different sizes. You can keep the small-sized plant on your study or work table and if you like the long heightened variant you can keep it on the sides of your table or in the corner of the room. It absorbs harmful air pollutants which are commonly found in households namely benzene, formaldehyde and toluene. These have serious impacts on health like eyes and throat irritation.

Some of the harmful gases present in the indoor environment can even cause cancer in the long run. This plant is responsible for removing them from the air and maintaining the moisture to improve the quality of air. It works wonders to formulate the toxic polluted air into the breathable clean fresh air. And it also amplifies the indoors of your house. Keeping it on or near to your table gives a sight of nice tropical greens. It is a shade plant and needs regular watering.


This plant is also known as ‘Sansevieria’. It is commonly used for decor purposes at home and offices. It has dark green long leaves which look elegant. lt requires very little watering and is easy to maintain. It is also available in many size options as per your preference. It purifies the air by absorbing many harmful pollutants like CO 2, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, trichloroethylene and xylene.

It gives you clean and fresh air to breathe by absorbing CO 2 at night just like the jade plant. As you know, allergies like dust and asthma are the result of airborne pollutants. Snake plants help to reduce this kind of allergy by maintaining healthy air quality. One of the many benefits of this plant is that it absorbs the negativities in the environment. So, it is best to keep on or near to your study table to get positivity and enhance your learning skill.


It is also known as Dypsis lutescens. ‘Golden Cane Palm ‘and ‘ Yellow Palm’ are other common names for areca palm. In Feng shui, the Areca palm is considered to bring in good luck and positivity. It absorbs the negativity of your house and induces wealth and prosperity. Do keep it in the place you study to increase memory and productivity.

It is easy to maintain but also needs care. It requires bright light indoors to flourish. It needs regular watering but it is highly sensitive to overwatering. Make sure you plant it in a pot with a drainage option. This will make your work easy as it will not rot its roots by holding the excess water. This grows well and looks attractive indoors.

I have mentioned the most popular and beneficial options of indoor plants for your study table. Install them today and bring the most out of them to better your physical and mental health along with satisfactory results for your study. These all are easily available online and also have different sizes available as per your preference. Keep it on your table if you like small size plants. But if you don’t prefer to keep it on your table you can easily get its bigger size to keep it by the side.

Make sure to use these best indoor plants for study table and get benefitted in several mentioned ways. These plants will make you happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser.

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