15 Best Indoor Plants for Living Room

15 Best Indoor Plants for Living Room
15 Best Indoor Plants for Living Room

The living room is the heart of the house. We tend to spend the maximum time of the day in our living room. We do most activities of our day schedule here. It is also the first room of any house you visit. It is a chore to welcome our guests in the living room, maybe for an usual visit or maybe for a family get together. It is an important room where you think and converse for hours.

The environment of this room must be presentable for eyes but also convenient to the mind and body. This means we need good light, fresh air and positivity in the room. Indoor plants play an important role to provide a good ambience, fresh and clean air to breath and positivity that keeps us calm. All these qualities enable us to cope up with every situation.

For this purpose, the role of the best indoor plants for the living room comes in.

1. Moth Orchid

The scientific name for moth orchid is ‘Phalaenopsis Orchid. It is a great option to add to your living room’s ambience. This looks beautiful with its flowers and yet easy to maintain.It needs moderate watering and bright light for long hours.Keep it near the window for warm and bright sunlight. It has long stalks with flowers and quite big leaves to enhance your space interior. After a stalk completes its blooming period you can cut it down from above the soil for the next blooming. It has one more quality that it is completely non-toxic for your pets.

2. Air Plant

Tillandsia’ is the scientific name of Air Plant. They are bromeliad plants from Central and South America. They are easy to maintain but need different care when it comes to watering. They should be dipped in water for 20 to 30 minutes every week. They don’t need soil to grow. You can place them in terrariums and decorate them in the desired location of your living room. They look absolutely beautiful in hanging arrangements. They will reduce stress and purify air for you.

3. Ficus Alii

Botanical name of Ficus Alii is ‘Ficus Maclellandii. It is also commonly known as banana leaf fig. You can place it in a corner of your living room to look attractive. It has ‘slender shaped leaves’ which look unique and elegant. It requires regular watering but lets the soil dry between two waterings. Lighting conditions for it should be low to medium indoors. It provides clean air to rejuvenate.

4. Aralia Fabian

The other name for it is ‘Polyscias Fabian’. It is a perfect choice of plant for your living room. The many benefits it provides are it purifies air by removing harmful pollutants, maintains humidity and provides a great ambience of your living room. It needs sufficient watering but never over water the plant. If you are keeping it in low light then it comparatively needs less watering.

5. Arrowhead Vine

‘Syngonium Podophyllum’ is the scientific name for Arrowhead Vine. These are commonly known as Goosefoot plants. They got these interesting names because of its leaves which are in the shape of an arrowhead or like goose feet. This plant grows as climbers. So, if you don’t want to support them climbing indoors you can maintain them by trimming them regularly. Keep in mind that they are toxic for pets. It needs bright sunlight and watering when the top soil becomes dry. You can decorate your living room area with this climber to give a dramatic look.

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6. Pilea Peperomioides

It is commonly known as ‘Chinese Money Plant’ , ‘UFO Plant’ and ‘Missionary Plant’. It’s leaves are coin-shaped which look stunning. This species is native to Southern china. It needs bright indirect sun-light. This plant is a fast grower and easy to propagate. Remember to give adequate water and proper drainage to facilitate the draining of extra water from the pot. It is an air purifying plant with low maintenance.

7. Burgundy Rubber Plant

The scientific name for it is ‘Ficus Elastica’. It is native to the rain forest of India and South America. It’s leaves look beautiful with a unique dark green colour and glossy texture. Bright indirect sun-light is its requirement. Regular misting helps keep the plant fresh and maintains a good humidity level. It is mildly toxic for pets. On the other hand it is a low maintenance plant. This will add beauty to your living room.

8. Aloe Vera

‘Aloe Barbadensis’ is the scientific name of it. This plant is known for numerous qualities. It has antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. This is also used in many facial masks and creams as an important cosmetic component for skin problems like acne and eczema. Or you can simply apply its gel for a clear and glowing skin.

It is also consumed in the form of juices or supplements for many health benefits like diabetes, blood sugar and constipation. It is easy to maintain as it needs indirect bright light. Adequate watering is required but let the soil dry before you water again. Aloe Vera is one of the best indoor plants for living room.

9. Lime Dracaena Plant

The origin of this plant is from Central America and Asia. This plant will not only add an ambience to your living room but also keep your mental and physical health in place. It helps in reducing stress when insight. As per a study at NASA, it is found that they filter air by absorbing harmful VOCs from the air. A study at Texas shows that using Lime Dracaena in your room will make you calm and improve your problem solving skill as you can focus with a balanced mind. It needs medium indirect light and less watering to bloom. It should be kept away from pets.

10. Miranda Succulent

Scientific name for this is ‘Echeveria Agavoides’. This looks gorgeous with its subtle green leaves with pink colour on its sharp tips. Apart from its looks it also has other benefits. It purifies the pollutants from the air of your room and gives you clean air to breathe. It maintains a healthy humidity in the room to avoid dry skin or dry throat problems. It is the best indoor plants for living room, if you have to keep it in a compact space. It needs bright light and less watering.

11. Calathea Yellow Fusion

The plant looks fresh with lime green and light yellow colour shade mixes well with it. This eye-catching piece will increase the ambience of your living room. It needs medium light indoors and twice a week watering. It is also safe for your pets. It is a good absorber for CO2 and releases more oxygen in the air which makes it healthier for our breathing. It also absorbs the dust particles from the air which makes it cleaner.

12. Satin Money Plant

This is a perfect choice of plant for the living room. It looks elegant and also improves the quality of indoor air for a healthy breath. It is a NASA approved air filter plant that absorbs harmful pollutants and gives fresh oxygen. It is easy to maintain with bright indoors and twice a week watering.

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13. Monstera Deliciosa

The ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ or ‘Split Leaf Philodendron’ are other common names for it. This plant is native to Southern Mexico. This is an evergreen plant. The bright green colour of its leaves looks beautiful and fresh in your living room. It requires indirect bright light and weekly watering. Do mist them regularly as they need good humidity to flourish. It should be kept away from pets and children.

14. Norfolk Island Pine

Araucaria Heterophylla’ is the scientific name of it. This is also known as the ‘Christmas tree’ houseplant. Everybody likes the Christmas tree at home, especially kids. This plant can take direct sunlight or indirect bright light. But you have to take care to maintain humidity by misting it regularly. They tend to lower their branches if they are dried out. It is approved by NASA that it removes VOCs from the indoor air and makes it healthier to breathe. It gives positivity and good vibes. It is my favourite to be in the best indoor plants for living room.

15. Triangle Ficus

Popularly known as ‘Ficus Triangularis’. Bright light is essential for its growth. Watering is required when the top soil dries out. This plant is native to South Africa. It has a unique triangular shaped leaf with green colour filled in and yellowish white on the outside. It looks gorgeous and provides clean air to breathe.

Enhance your living room look and you will also get a healthy environment to live in. You can opt any of the above plants according to your liking and need. Make sure you spend a health and wiser day each day by placing the best indoor plants for living room.

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